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Offering more than just aesthetic design and practicality – Glassfitti’s magnetic glass whiteboards are the eco-friendly choice for conscious consumers.

Discover key benefits that position Glassfitti as the go-to solution for environmentally responsible offices:

  1. Sustainable and Recyclable: Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, our magnetic glass whiteboards are not only recyclable but also reusable. This reduces the need for constant production, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy.
  2. Toxic-Free Manufacturing: Prioritizing your well-being, Glassfitti refrains from using toxic chemicals in our manufacturing process. This ensures a safe and healthy work environment, contributing to your overall workspace wellness.
  3. Environmentally Safe Finishing Process: Beyond aesthetics, our powder coating procedure is environmentally safe, producing minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to contribute to air quality preservation.
  4. Invisible Fixings for a Floating Effect: Experience a modern appearance with Glassfitti’s innovative mounting system, creating a floating effect for your whiteboards. No visible fixings are required, eliminating the need for adhesives.
  5. Local Manufacturing, Reduced Carbon Footprint: Proudly manufactured in Ireland, Glassfitti products contribute to a reduced carbon footprint when compared to imported alternatives. Support local and make an eco-conscious choice.
  6. Mobility for a Lifetime: Did you know Glassfitti magnetic glass whiteboards can accompany you wherever you go? Designed for lifelong use, our whiteboards offer mobility, making them the perfect companion during office relocations or home moves.

In conclusion, Glassfitti whiteboards go beyond being a mere style and practicality; they signify a commitment to a greener future for your workspace or home office.

Explore our products and start making sustainable choices today for a better tomorrow.
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